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Personal Loans


Want to take that dream vacation or consolidate some bills?  At United Local you can borrow on your signature and good credit. Depending on the amount, you may take up to 60 months to repay.


Need quick cash for all the unsuspecting things in life throws at you? You can get approved for a personal line of credit with United Local and use the money as you need it.


Have peace of mind that your checking account is protected with United Local's low rate check protect line of credit.

Apply online using our Online Loan Application

Personal Loans
Personal Loans* APR
Signature - Fixed Interest Rate 10.90% APR **
Signature - Revolving 14.00% APR **
Check Protection - Revolving 14.00% APR **
Saving Secured 4.00% APR ***
Special Shared Secured 4.00% APR
* Qualifying conditions apply to all loans; rates subject to change.
** Rate depends upon FICO credit score; maximum rate is 19% APR.
*** 2% above the rate the savings account is earning on the date of the loan, rounded up to the next .25%, or 4% APR, whichever is greater.


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